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The More You Know

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

We are living through some interesting times aren’t we? With the advent of instant everything, we are bearing witness in ways we would have never thought of even a decade ago. In my lifetime alone, I’ve seen technology advance like a speeding train on hyperdrive. This comes with phones that go beyond the snake game (if you had the Nokia brick, you know what I’m talking about). These advances include having the world at your fingertips. We are able to see the latest happenings in real time, all the time. As part of a few marginalized demographics, I’m watching people use this technology to witness how our society actually works. They can see with their own eyes how we are treated. They’re watching inequalities and discriminations as they happen. Their bubbles are bursting as they start to connect the dots from past to present. They’re starting to understand how laws and institutions have evolved to maintain the status quo. You can tell even they no longer believe the response of, “It can’t be that bad,”as they’re able to immediately find more information with a swipe of their thumb. And with this awareness, more people are speaking up. You see more people starting to use what privileges they have as leverage to lift others up. They’re creating access where there are roadblocks. People are standing up so that those who are constantly fighting for their humanity to be seen can put their armor down, even if only for a moment, so they can move forward without some of the extra hindrances. We’re witnessing this shift and how it affects future generations to come.

That is part of what I appreciate about being part of ALG. Our staff comes from all walks of life, covering a myriad of identities. We use our knowledge of the legal system to assist people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it. We use our knowledge to fight on behalf of those who have ample reason to distrust the system. As more minds broaden and more people lift up other, I truly believe we’ll be able to change this world for the better.

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