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An Announcement from Alex Austin

Dear Friends/Clients/Justice Seekers,

I am writing with very exciting news and to announce a transition.

I started my firm..

...directly out of law school in 1995, where I met a wonderful human named Julien Swanson.  While I was building this practice, Julien spent his first 17 years as a lawyer securing public and private benefits for people living with HIV and/or mental health issues, practicing criminal defense and appeals, and handling federal and state civil rights cases for incarcerated people. 

Julien came to work for me in early 2015, when we dug right in on a Transgender Discrimination case and found great success working together – and we have never looked back! 

As I am circling my 30th year with Austin Law Group, and he and I are circling a decade of working together, we are ready to make some changes.  We have put into motion a proactive and profoundly enriching Succession Plan for the firm and for our families over the coming decades. 

Julien is incredibly capable, as nearly every one of you know, and I am entrusting him with taking over. He has proven himself over and over again not just as an extraordinary attorney and advocate, but a man of great wisdom and compassion for all the communities we represent.


Speaking of representation, we will be updating the name of the firm to the Austin Swanson Law Firm, and the firm will carry and hold true to my and the Austin Law Group's legacy and core value system, which is to work within the arts, to work within the LGBTQ+ communities, and to work toward social justice in every breath we take - our partnership will continue and grow and allow us both to move forward with our best, and in the best interests of all of our clients who are so very dear to us.

I'll be handling a lesser caseload, but I will maintain an important presence in the firm and will be right here to lend my expertise, and unique talents and skills to the work, just while enjoying a little slower pace, to allow me at 62, more time with my 90 year old mom, my 17 year old son and my new fiancé!    


I'm ebullient and excited to see what happens next with this firm that Julien and I have created over the last decade as a team, and now with him steering the ship! 

The new website is under construction. Watch this space for updates!

In love and justice,

Alex and Julien

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